Nice to meet you

I’m a creature of the internet. I got my start in web design by creating guild pages for Neopets and honed my graphic design skills in LiveJournal icon design contests. Since then I’ve gone pro, focusing on providing the tools organizations need to connect to their audience in the digital world. I’ve helped organizations like AmeriCorps VISTA, Waterfront Partnership, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and Georgetown Medstar reach new audiences and create strong online communities.

My Creations

I’ve been called a human swiss army knife with a wide range of specialities. I’ve worked for years as a consultant for start ups, social entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. To see my work, choose your own adventure below.

Long live quirk 

I build digital marketing strategies that allow creative schemers and grand dreamers bring their visions to life. 

Almost Internet Famous

I’m the voice of Mr. Trash Wheel, a Baltimore invention that’s become a global voice for ocean conservancy. As Mr. Trash Wheel I’ve hosted two AMAs that have made it to #1 on Reddit. The account has grown an international audience that includes New Zealand soccer team players, Indonesian politicians, and a prominent NASA scientist. Mr. Trash Wheel was Discovery’s #1 story of the year and was named Best Local Twitter Account by the Baltimore City Paper.

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