Mr. Trash Wheel

A international icon for ocean conservancy 
Mr. Trash Wheel is the internet persona of a unique invention in Baltimore's Inner Harbor for removing trash before it goes in the ocean. In June 2015, I took over managing the account. I’ve hosted two AMAs that have made it to #1 on Reddit. The account has grown an international audience that includes New Zealand soccer team players, Indonesian politicians, and a prominent NASA scientist. As a result of the first AMA a foundation reached out to the client and gave them a $100,000 grant. We've also secured $250,000 in donations from our social media followers including $6000 in t-shirt sales driven by our social success. 
By the numners
  • 6,000 new Twitter followers and 4000 new Facebook followers
  • Made it to #1 on the front page of Reddit three times 
  • Named best Twitter account in Baltimore
  • Named Discovery's #1 Story of the Year 
Healthy Harbor, What Works Studio
Project Management, Social Media Design and Management, Strategy
2015 - Present